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Surbiton, UK

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Janice runs her garden design practice from her studio in Surbiton.  Janice is passionate about the benefits a well-designed garden can bring to you and your family.  From reducing noise pollution to improving wellbeing and increasing biodiversity, a well-designed garden, no matter how big or small, is an asset to any home.

“I cannot say exactly how nature exerts its calming and organising effects on our brains, but I have seen in my patients the restorative and healing powers of nature and gardens…. In many cases, gardens and nature are more powerful than any medication”. Oliver Sacks

Janice spent the first 20 years of her career relentlessly promoting the education of children in care.  With a BSc (Hons) Psychology and a MSc Social Policy, Janice helped many children in residential care homes, young offenders institutes and foster care stay in education and achieve; for many children this was the one constant in their lives.  After moving into management and finally consultancy, Janice decided it was time for a change. 

Janice holds the RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance and has worked alongside many top designers – including on RHS show gardens.  Janice continues to study with the KLC School of Garden Design and is particularly interested in how gardens can improve an individual’s physical and psychological health and welcomes enquires from individuals or organisations who are interested in creating therapeutic green spaces for disability, recovery and rehabilitation.