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Surbiton, UK

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How Janice Works

Consultation – free and friendly

Together we take a look at your garden and discuss what you want to achieve, including practicalities, problem areas and your design ideas.  Janice will then prepare a detailed quotation to design your garden.

Garden assessment – fact finding!

If you decide to accept the quote, Janice will visit again to make a measured plan of the current garden (although more complex / larger gardens will require a specialist surveyor), take lots of photographs and assess other factors, such as soil, drainage, levels and any potential legal restrictions to the site.  You might also hear this referred to as the ‘site survey and analysis’.  Following this, Janice will arrange another meeting with you to discuss your ideas in more detail.

Designing and modelling

Using the garden assessment, your brief and her creativity and knowledge, Janice starts designing your new garden.  Every garden is as unique so Janice carefully considers how to create a garden reflects your style and budget.  Using 3D modelling, Janice is able to experiment with ideas until she is happy with a first draft for your review.  Janice also creates ‘mood boards’ to give you a sense of the type of materials and features within the design.

The Big Reveal

Once your initial design is ready, Janice will visit you to show you the drawings and talk through her recommendations.  The drawings will be left with you to review and talk through.

Thought, feedback and revision

Time for you and yours to take stock of the proposals and think about any changes you might need. All initial designs require revisions to get to the perfect plan – talk these through with Janice until you’re 100% confident you have a design that is exactly what you want.

Finalising the design

 Once you’ve agreed what needs changing, Janice draws up a final version of the plan.

Getting your garden built

At this point, you can start seeking quotations from landscapers for the build of the garden.  If quotes come back higher than expected, Janice will work with you to revise the design and bring it in line with your budget.  This can usually be achieved by changing materials, phasing the build over time or adjusting the design.  Once you have agreed the quotation then your landscaper can schedule your build. See FAQs for more information on getting your garden built.

Icing the cake – plants, glorious, plants

Janice creates beautiful planting plans with colour photos showing you the precise positions and number of each plant in each planting area in your garden.  The plans are based on your preferences and a careful assessment of soil, light, drainage and aspect to make the most of your conditions and give you a planting scheme that will thrive.  Janice sources top quality plants from local, independent wholesale nurseries who offer an excellent range.   Janice and the landscaper work together to plant the scheme for you.