Perhaps you have a tired area of the garden that needs a refresh, or an area where nothing seems to grow?  

I can provide planting plans for specific areas of the garden.

I tailor my packages to your garden but most include some of the following options:

Consultation – free and friendly (30 mins)

I visits to take a look at the area with you and discuss what you want to achieve, including practicalities, problem areas and your planting ideas.  If it’s a small area, Janice will measure up and test the soil there and then, being heading off to prepare your quote. For larger areas, Janice will return to measure up and test the soil once a quote is agreed.

Planning the plants

If you decide to accept the quote, Janice starts researching the plants that are right for your garden.  She’ll create a beautiful planting plan with colour photos to show you the precise position and number of each plant in each planting area in your garden.  The plans are based on your preferences and a careful assessment of soil, light, drainage and aspect to make the most of your conditions and give you a planting scheme that will thrive and be visually stunning.

Sourcing plants

You can source the plants yourself, or Janice can provide a quote to source and deliver them for you.  Often this will be cheaper than using retail nurseries.  Janice sources top quality plants from local, independent wholesale nurseries who offer an excellent range.  


Again, you have options!  Either you can use the planting plan to set out the plants yourself, or Janice can do that for you.  Then, if you’re feeling energetic, you can plant themselves, or Janice can get them planted for you.

Garden maintenance and care plans

One of the great things about gardens is that they constant change and evolve.  All gardens need some TLC as they establish and grow – Janice can devise a maintenance and care plan tailored to the specific needs of your new garden.  You can share this with your gardener, or use it to maintain the garden yourself. 


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